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Public Saftey Discount

Good afternoon all. I had a question regarding possible discounts. I was wondering if Dillon offers Public Safety discounts for Fire, Police etc.? I'm a Firefighter/EMT-I and I'm looking to purchased a Dillon Press in the near future. Thank y'all for your time and have a great weekend.
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RE: Public Saftey Discount

Not only do they not offer discounts to LEO or any other public safety personel, they also don't recognize us veterans who have served our country.
Great products they have and wonderful customer service, but a bit lacking in the appreciatiion department.
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RE: Public Saftey Discount

The comment of “lacking in the appreciation department” is complete horse shit. Sorry, had to say it.
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RE: Public Saftey Discount

I, like Luke, feel the need to chime in. First off, I work for a sheriff's office, but do not feel like I am deserving of any discount.

During this corona virus crap, I've been gainfully employed, where many of the people around me, friends, neighbors and even family haven't been so fortunate and are having a hard time making ends meet.

I don't see law enforcement offering discounts for citations to any one, nor does the FD/EMT's give discounts on their ambulance rides. We serve the community because that is our choice, not because it may earn a discount.
I appreciate the quality of Dillon's products and don't expect them to cheapen it by raising the price to be able to offer a discount to some; and not to others, as that is what would happen-its business.

For some people, they feel "entitled", but not me, I support my local gun stores, as well as other "local" or family businesses, this includes Dillon, even though I don't live in Arizona, and will continue to pay my fair share.

I'm stepping off my soap box and expect that it my opinion will not go over with some, but frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.