The "Big Fifty" Reloader is a four station semi-progressive press. With the heaviest built frame in the industry, made of high-strength ductile iron and high-strength carbon steel, finished in zinc phosphate parkerizing and black oxide, the BFR50 is suitable for match-grade ammunition as well as high-volume production ammunition.

The BFR50 comes with a one-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
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    The BFR50 includes:

    • Machine with .50 BMG caliber conversion kit (shellplate, locator buttons)
    • One primer seating die, with concave and flat seating punches.
    • One toolhead
    • One written instruction manual
    • One set of standard Allen wrenches

    All items above can be ordered using the configuration menu above.




    We suggest that you also purchase:

    • .50 BMG Trimmer Assembly #50050
    • .50 BMG Carbide Size Die #50075 
    • Powder Measure Adapter for RCBS .50 BMG Measure #50125
    • RCBS .50 BMG Powder measure #21896

    Note : A .50 BMG headspace case gage  #14447 MUST be used to adjust the size die

    Reloading with Dillon’s Big Fifty is EASY as 1-2-3-4-5!

    Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy shooting their .50 BMG firearms, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload. In fact, Dillon’s BFR 50 is one of the simplest reloading machines to learn to operate. The BFR enables you to complete all of the steps in the reloading process – one step at a time – without having to change (and then re-adjust) dies for each operation like you must with an old-fashioned single-station press. Skeptical? Follow this simple loading process: 

    Place an empty cartridge case into the BFR’s shellplate at Station One. Set a primer into the primer seating die in the top of station two. Lower the operating handle. The BFR will resize and deprime the case.
    Remove the sized, deprimed case from the shellplate, and insert it into the primer seating die in the top of station two. Lower the operating handle. The BFR will prime the case.

    Remove the primed case from the primer seating die, return it to the shellplate at station two, then rotate the shellplate by hand to station three.
    At Station Three, pull the handle down, then dispense your powder charge into the case. Raise the operating handle and advance the shellplate.
    At Station four, place a bullet on the powder-charged cartridge case and lower the operating handle. This will seat the bullet into the case. (NOTE: with some manufacturers die sets, it may crimp the bullet in place as well.) Raise the operating handle and advance the shellplate. Remove the loaded cartridge.

    Repeat steps 1 - 5 to crank out more ammo. Sound easy? You bet it is!


    .50BMG User Manual



    Due to unprecedented demand, we are not accepting backorders on out of stock magazines, bullets, brass and some other items.    Our future cost and delivery are uncertain at this point.  If you see an item that displays "Out of Stock" that means we hope to get it back in stock but do not allow backorders.  Items that say "backorder" means the item IS expected back in stock and you may backorder it.  



    Dillon Precision has added a second domestic carbide supplier. Their job is to make large quantities of a single caliber handgun carbide insert. They are finishing 45ACP now and beginning 38/357. After they finish those calibers, the next two they will make are 10mm/40 S&W and 380ACP. Our primary carbide supplier is currently concentrating on 300 Blackout and 223 Remington. They are also making small quantities of handgun carbide in the calibers not coming from our new supplier. The dates below are our current estimate for delivery, based on recent delivery history and knowledge of what we expect to be delivered and when we expect to receive it.


    Reloading Machines:

    • Square Deal B - Refer to caliber lead times
    • RL550C - In Stock
    • XL750 - In Stock
    • Super 1050 - Refer to caliber lead times
    • Super 1050 (no dies) - In Stock
    • RL1100 - Refer to caliber lead times
    • RL1100 (no dies) - In Stock
    • CP2000 - In Stock
    • SL900 - In Stock
    • Essentials Packages - 60 weeks (dies)


    Carbide Die Orders Placed Before 9/1/2022

    • 9mm 24-36 weeks
    • .45 ACP 6-10 weeks
    • .38 / .357 6-10 weeks
    • .38 Super 36-42 weeks
    • 10mm / .40 Caught Up
    • .32 S&W 36-42 weeks
    • .380 ACP Caught Up
    • .357 SIG 42-46 weeks
    • .44 SPL / Mag 36-42 weeks
    • .223 18-24 weeks
    • .300 Blackout Caught Up
    • .308 Caught Up
    • 45 Colt 36-42 weeks


    Carbide Die Orders Placed AFTER 9/1/2022:

    • 9mm 42+ weeks
    • .45 ACP 10-14 weeks
    • .38 / .357 10-14 weeks
    • .38 Super 44+ weeks
    • 10mm / .40 8 - 10 weeks
    • .32 S&W 44+ weeks
    • .380 ACP Caught Up
    • .357 SIG 48+ weeks
    • .44 SPL / Mag 44+ weeks
    • .223 24-30 weeks
    • .300 Blackout 1 week
    • .308 Caught Up
    • 45 Colt 36-42 weeks

        WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to https://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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