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Machine Options are exactly that. They are not mandatory in order to load ammunition. However, they enhance your loading experience by eliminating either a visual or physical task, streamlining and simplifying your process. Not all loaders can utilize the same options, so we have separated them by machine model.

Dillon Precision has a record of supporting our legacy loaders, with upgrades available to modernize most of our older designs. Some loaders, such as the RL450, can be completely upgraded to the current RL550C loader. Other loaders, such as the XL650, can be retrofitted with the new crank design, eliminating a lengthy teardown process in order to grease the link arm pivot pins. Older electric case feeders can be upgraded to the current variable-speed motor. If you are shortening and forming 223 cases into 300 Blackout, you can purchase just the beefier RT1500 trimmer motor only, as it is compatible with the cordset and cutter from the older RT1200 trimmer.  For your Super Swage 600, you can add the parts necessary to process 6.8 SPC and 40 S&W primer pockets.

 Machine accessories include storage bins and boxes, tools for performing maintanence and measuring ammunition, additional primer pickup tubes, and spare parts kits, to keep your machine operational.


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