CP2000 | Case Processing Machine

Designed to complement our RL1100 and Super1050 reloaders, the CP2000 offers higher speed, greater versatility and added case processing capability...all at a much lower cost than dedicating a RELOADING machine to prep brass! If you're loading mass quantities of ammo, the CP2000 will make your task much easier.

The CP2000 comes with a two-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

Note: The CP2000 is to be used in conjunction with a reloader to speed up the reloading process. Traditionally in the past, another reloader was used for case processing, we now offer this dedicated machine to serve that purpose.

Notes : 

  • Caliber Conversions & Casefeed Plates sold separately
  • Machine in photo is shown with options – select options during configuration
  • CP2000 comes standard with Large & Small Primer Swaging Parts

Dillon Automation
If you’re interested in the ultimate reloading experience, check out the Dillon Automation DA3000 Autodrive at www.dillon-automation.com. Capable of loading ammunition at a rate of up to 2000 rounds per hour or processing cartridge cases at a rate of up to 3000 rounds per hour, the DA3000 Autodrive is compatible with either the Dillon Precision RL1100 or CP2000 and preserves the Dillon factory warranty.

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CP2000 | Case Processing Machine
CP2000 | Case Processing Machine

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    The Base Model CP2000 Includes:

    • Built in Primer Pocket Swager
    • Electric Casefeeder – (Order Casefeed Plate as Option)
    • Standard Toolhead
    • Shellplate Auto-Indexing
    • Large & Small Primer Swager Kit

    Electric Casefeeder:

    The CP2000 uses a variable-speed, universal voltage casefeeder. The speed of the casefeeder is controlled by a potentiometer on the casefeed funnel. It allows you to infinitely regulate the speed from 0 to 8 RPM. Adaptable to either 110/220V , 60/50 Hz – adaptors included. 

    Repeatability and Efficiency

    The CP2000 is intended to produce large quantities of cases to speed up your reloading. Whether loading rifle or handgun ammunition, the CP2000 will keep you well supplied, without using up all of your free time.


    • Eccentric Roller Bearing Drive System
    • Smoother Operation, Less Effort
    • Higher Throughput, Lower Cost Per Case
    • Heavier Frame for Greater Rigidity
    • Seven Threaded Stations for More Flexibility
    • Upgraded Primer Pocket Swager
    • Primer Pocket Swage Available in Two Stations
    • User-Replaceable Swage Rod Tip (Two-Year Warranty)
    • Reinforced Toolhead Bolt & Washer
    • Improved Shellplate Indexing System
    • Processing Speed up to 2000 Cases per Hour
    • One-Year Warranty
    • Rifle and Pistol
    • Pairs perfectly with the DA3000 Auto Drive & Preserves Warranty

    Ordering Notes: 

    Primer Swager Size:

    The CP2000 now comes with both small and large primer swager sizes so no need to order one or the other.

    Caliber Conversion: 

    A Caliber Conversion Kit is required. Select based on cartridge type from the configuration menu. 

    Casefeed Plates: 

    A casefeed plate is required.  Select casefeed plates from the configuration menu above based on the following :   

    • Small Pistol :  .32 / .380 / 9mm / .38 Super
    • Large Pistol:  .40 SW / 10mm / .38 Spc +
    • Small Rifle:    .30 Carbine / .204 Ruger / .222 & .223 Rem 
    • Large Rifle:    7.62mm x 39 / .22 - .250 and larger 


    The CP2000 is a case preparation machine only - it does not require standard reloading dies. Universal Depriming &  Expander Dies are available as options in the configuration Menu. 

    Minimum Accessories Recommended:

    • Caliber Conversion Kit (not included with base unit)
    • Die Set (not included with the base unit)
    • Caliper
    • Case Lube (for bottleneck cartridges)

    Additional Options for Speed & Convenience:

    • RT1500 Case trimmer & Trim Die
    • Short Trim Die Toolhead  (required for .300 Blackout,  6.8 spc & 6.5 Grendel)
    • Universal Depriming Die 
    • Backup Expander Die
    • A machine cover to keep the unit dust free 

    If you want to leave your dies preset, you'll need

    • Toolhead #13909

    Introducing the DA3000 Auto Drive CLICK HERE

    • Installs easily on the RL1100 & CP2000
    • FAST - process up to 2000 rounds per hour 
    • A Dillon product, designed & built in USA 
    • Preserves RL1100 & CP2000 Warranty !

    CP2000  User Manual

    CP2000 Overview with Lena Miculek

    Converting .556 to .300 Blackout Using CP2000

    We have an extensive library of usage and troubleshooting videos - click the button to access them >>

        WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to https://www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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