• RL 550 Caliber Conversion Kit
  • RL 550 Caliber Conversion Kit

RL 550 Caliber Conversion Kit

Stock Number: RL 550 Caliber
The Dillon RL 550C will produce match-quality ammo for over 160 different rifle and pistol calibers.
These kits fit the RL300, RL450, RL550 series, AT500 and BL 550 machines

This kit contains:
  • Shellplate
  • Powder funnel
  • Locator buttons
To order choose a caliber from the drop down menu below.

* Indicates that this cartridge requires use of the Extra Large Powder Die #21253, sold separately.

We suggest that you also get: If you want to leave your dies preset, you'll need:
  • Toolhead (#13909)
  • Powder die (#20064)
  • OR the 550 Quick Change (#22058),which includes a powder measure, powder die, toolhead and a toolhead stand. This allows you to leave your dies and powder charge set up and dedicated to a specific cartridge for faster, easier caliber changes.

For a complete breakdown of the individual parts in each caliber conversion kit please refer to this Caliber Conversion Chart

Caliber Selection Notes:

If " * "is next to a caliber listing, this means that the XL Powder Die #21253 is required.  It must be ordered separately.

Caliber Type (required):