Our automatic-indexing progressive reloader designed to load moderate quantities of common handgun calibers from .32 S&W Long to .45 Colt. It comes to you from the factory set up to load one caliber.


The most versatile reloader available, capable of loading over 160 calibers. Manual indexing and an optional magnum powder bar allow you to load magnum rifle calibers.


Truly the state of the art, our XL750 features automatic indexing, an optional automatic casefeeder and a separate station for an optional powder-level sensor. Available in all popular handgun and rifle calibers.


Our highest production rate reloader includes a swager to remove the crimp from military primer pockets, and is capable of reloading all the common handgun calibers and several popular rifle calibers.


1. For Which Firearm are you Reloading?

A) Handgun Only
B) Rifle Only
C) Rifle and Handgun
D) Rifle Calibers .338 Lapua, .416 Rigby, .378 Weatherby-based cartridges

*Hint: If you’re loading for handgun only, any of our metallic cartridge reloaders will work for you. In fact, the Square Deal B was designed just for handgun cartridges. However, if you’re going to load both handgun and rifle cartridges, you must rule out the SDB entirely and move on to one of our other reloaders. 


2. How Much Ammo Do You Shoot?

A) Less Than 500 Rounds Per Month
B) 500-1000 Rounds Per Month
C) 1000+ Rounds Per Month

*Hint: How much you shoot – or how much you WOULD LIKE to shoot – is a huge part of the process of choosing a reloader. The more you shoot, the greater production capability you need. Competition shooting requires lots of ammo for practice and serious competition shooters can burn up incredible quantities of ammo. That’s one reason most of them choose our XL750 or RL1100 reloaders.


3. How Much Time Do You Have Available to Load?

A) I Have All the Time I Need,
B) I Can Devote a Couple of Hours Per Week
C) I’m Late for the Range Now!

*Hint: If you have plenty of spare time or if you simply enjoy the process of reloading your own ammunition, the RL550C is a great all-around machine with a loading rate of around 400 to 500 rounds per hour and will produce plenty of ammo for most purposes. However, if you’re looking to get into competition in a big way, you ought to consider using MORE of your time to practice. Going to a higher production rate machine will allow you to spend less times loading and more time practicing.


Still Can't Decide? OK, Then One More Question:

4. For What Do You Need The Ammo?

A) Casual Shooting
B) Hunting
C) Competitive Shooting
D) Extreme! All of the Above!

*Hint: If you need to answer “C” or “D” on this question, chances are that you ought to consider the RL1100. Especially if you tend to store your once-fired brass in five-gallon buckets. 

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