Our automatic-indexing progressive reloader designed to load moderate quantities of common handgun calibers from .232 S&W Long to .45 Colt. It comes to you from the factory set up to load one caliber.

Standard Features:

  • Automatic Indexing
  • Available in 18 Handgun Calibers
  • Loading Rate: 300-500Rds./Hr.
  • Comes with One Caliber Conversion
  • Automatic Powder Measure
  • Automatic Primer System
  • Comes complete with DIes
  • Factory adjusted, Ready-to-Use
  • Lifetime "No-B.S." Warranty
  • RISK FREE 30-Day Trial

The most important factor in becoming a good pistol shot is practice. No amount of custom pistol-smithing, accurizing, accessorizing or electronic wizardry can take the place of quality practice. That requires lots of ammunition.....and time.....and money.

Dillon's Square Deal "B" was designed to overcome the three major problems handgunners face, by producing large amounts of ammunition int he least possible time for just a little bit of money. At 300 to 500 rounds per hour, you can produce enough ammunition for several practice sessions in just a few hours. And wouldn't you rather spend your time shooting than loading?

The Square Deal "B" comes to you complete with factory adjusted carbide die set (.44-40 Winchester is steel), ready to load the pistol caliber of your choice - all you need to do is determine the powder charge you want, set the automatic powder measure accordingly and select the bullet seating depth. 

Loading on the Square Deal "B" is easy: Place a fired cartridge case into station one, a bullet at station three and operate the handle. The Square Deal "B" resizes the fired round, primes, drops a powder charge, seats, crimpls, indexes and ejects a loaded round automatically. Talk about instant gratification! Every time you cycle the handle, you produce a loaded round!

Whether you use your handguns for competition, hunting, informal target shooting, home defense or all of the above, the Square Deal "B" is ideal. Its available in all popular handgun calibers and if you shoot more than one handgun calilber, you can change from one to another in minutes with a Sauare Deal "B" caliber conversion kit. 

Parts for the Square Deal B

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