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The Wilderness' Original Instructor Belt 1.5"

Stock Number: thewilderness1.5

The Wilderness' Original Instructor Belt is an incredibly strong belt with a specially designed "V" ring buckle. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the marketplace is full of copies of this belt, but none can compare to the original.
We're selling the five-stitch version, which has extra stitch lines to make the belt more rigid vertically in order ot better support holsters, magazine pouches and other gear. This belt is a favorite with law enforcement, military personnel, fire fighters, paramedics, etc. Note: The 1.75" belt works best with BDUs or jeans. The 1.5" belt features a scaled-down buckle.

When ordering this belt, DO NOT order your pants size. Thread a cloth measuring tape through your belt loops, and measure your circumference. If you wear an inside-the-waistband holster, add at least one inch to this dimension.

  Size Stock # Add. Cost
32 Waist 10965 $0.00
34 Waist 10966 $0.00
36 Waist 10967 $0.00
38 Waist 10968 $0.00
40 Waist 10969 $0.00
42 Waist 10970 $0.00
44 Waist 10971 $5.00
46 Waist 10972 $5.00

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