Dillon Precision | Case Lube & Rapid Polish 290

Dillon Case Lubes & Rapid Polish allow you to finish and prepare your cases for the best reloading experience.   

Case Lube :  Simply lay your cases out, spray lightly with one or two passes and you are done.  No mess, no guesswork. Within minutes the lubricant distributes itself around the cartridge cases and you are  ready to load. Try one bottle and you will never use a grease pad again.  

Rapid Polish:  Use in our media tumbler and give your cases a brilliant shine. Removes residue and increases the cleaning ability of your media. 

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Dillon Precision | Case Lube & Rapid Polish 290
Dillon Precision | Case Lube & Rapid Polish 290

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    Dillon Case Lube : 
    Our premium  lanolin-based lubricant suitable for all case sizes. 

    Dillon Synthetic Case Lube: 
    This is a lanolin-free lighter formula - recommended for lighter duty lubrication, such as handgun cases.  Not recommended for bottleneck rifle case resizing. 


    Dillon Rapid Polish: 
    Rapid Polish 290 is the first cartridge case finish designed specifically to bring a brilliant shine (20 percent brighter than tumbling media alone) and a protective coating to reloaded ammunition. Simply add several capfuls to the media in your tumbler and run. Rapid Polish 290 has ag reat residual value and stays in your tumbling media. You will use less each time you clean your cases.  Rapid Polish 290 contains no ammonia, so it will not  weaken brass cases!

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