Dillon BFR 50BMG Reloading Machine
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Dillon BFR 50BMG Reloading Machine

Dillon Precision's BFR 50 is a four station semi-progressive press. With the heaviest built frame in the industry, made of high strength ductile iron and high strength carbon steel finished in zinc phosphate parkerizing and black oxide, the BFR 50 is suitable for match grade ammunition as well as high volume production ammunition.

Dies are not included with the machine.
For Dies and accessories click here.

Shown with optional 50 BMG Case Trimmer and optional 50BMG Carbide Sizing Die.



Operation of the BFR 50 is a breeze with a shellplate that may be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise.

To keep your settings in place when changing calibers the removable/interchangeable toolhead attaches by three bolts and can be easily removed.

The top of the toolhead adjustable priming system allows for enhanced control of primer seating and includes both the flat-face match style and the cupped-face mil-spec style primer seating punches.

Average production rate of 450 rounds per hour for case preparation, and 300 rounds per hour loading.

The Dillon Precision BFR 50 uses industry standard 1 1/2"-12 UNF threaded dies.
The warranty on the BFR 50 is one year from date of purchase.

How it Works

Reloading with Dillon’s BFR is EASY as (Station) 1-2-3-4-5!

Most shooters realize that reloading is the most economical way to enjoy shooting their 50BMG firearms, but many shooters are unaware of just how simple it is to reload. In fact, Dillon’s BFR is one of the simplest reloading machines to learn to operate. The BFR enables you to complete all of the steps in the reloading process – one step at a time – without having to change (and then re-adjust) dies for each operation like you must with an old-fashioned single-station press. Skeptical? Follow me through the loading process.
  1. Place an empty cartridge case into the BFR’s shellplate at Station One. Set a primer into the primer seating die in the top of station two. Lower the operating handle. The BFR will resize and deprime the case.
  2. Remove the sized, deprimed case from the shellplate, and insert it into the primer seating die in the top of station two. Lower the operating handle. The BFR will prime the case.
  3. Remove the primed case from the primer seating die, return it to the shellplate at station two, then rotate the shellplate by hand to station three.
  4. At Station Three, pull the handle down, then dispense your powder charge into the case. Raise the operating handle and advance the shellplate.
  5. At Station four, place a bullet on the powder-charged cartridge case and lower the operating handle. This will seat the bullet into the case. (NOTE: with some manufacturers die sets, it may crimp the bullet in place as well.) Raise the operating handle and advance the shellplate. Remove the loaded cartridge.

What next? Repeat steps “1” through “5.” Sound easy? You bet it is!

The Basics

The BFR 50 includes:
  • Machine with 50 BMG caliber conversion kit (shellplate, locator buttons)
  • One primer seating die, with concave and flat seating punches.
  • One toolhead
  • One written instruction manual
  • One set of standard Allen wrenches

I suggest that you also get:

  • 50 BMG Trimmer Assembly-#50050, $419.95
  • 50 BMG Carbide Size Die-#50075, $984.95 *
  • Powder Measure Adapter, allows attachment of the RCBS 50BMG Measure #50125, $87.95
  • RCBS 50 BMG Powder measure- #21896, $114.95

*A 50 BMG headspace case gage MUST be used to adjust the size die-order #14447

How to Buy

Dillon BFR 50BMG Reloading Machine