We all want to know how much money we'll save reloading our own ammunition. If you shoot in any kind of volume, in most cases, reloading your own ammunition will help you pay off the entire cost of equipment and supplies - and reloading is fun!




This tool will help you determine your break even point, it works in conjunction with our reloading costs calculator. Understanding costs will help you justify the purchase of new machines, or , make you realize just how much you spend on shooting :)



This calculator will help you determine just how long it will take for you to break even on the cost of your reloading equipment. You can use our Reloading Costs Calculator to figure out your cost per round if you don’t already know that figure. If you don’t already reload and don’t want to hunt all over the web for some of this data there are estimates below the calculator.



Make sure you use decimals when entering costs. For example, entering in a reloaded ammunition cost of 15 cents will not work but entering .15 will. When entering pricing data do NOT include a $, it will cause an error and the output will be 0.

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