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Reloading Costs Calculator

Calculate Your Cost For Processing Ammunition

When entering your pricing data do NOT include a $ - this will cause errors and the output will be zero.

All data is required in order for the calculator to work. The calculator is designed to work with the number of components you bought at a given price so if you bought 1000 primers for $35 then enter those numbers into the calculator. We have found that dividing your brass cost by the number of times you plan to reload it helps give a more accurate representation of your reloading costs. Many of our competition shooters use a formula of dividing by 10 but you may feel free to use whatever factor you feel is most appropriate.


  • Quantity = quantity of projectiles purchased
  • Price Paid = cost of all projectiles purchased

  • Quantity = quantity of casings purchased
  • Price Paid = cost of all casings purchased

  • Quantity = quantity of primers purchased
  • Price Paid = cost of all primers purchased

  • Quantity = quantity of powder purchased (pounds)
  • Charge Weight = weight per round (grains)
  • Price Paid = cost of all powder purchased