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Dillon BFR 50BMG Reloading Machine

Stock Number: 50000

Shown with optional 50 BMG Case Trimmer and optional 50BMG Carbide Sizing Die.

Now shipping!

Four station semi-progressive, the shellplate may be rotated either clockwise or counterclockwise.
Removable/interchangeable toolhead, attached by three bolts.
Top-of-the-toolhead adjustable priming system for enhanced control of primer seating, includes both the flat-face match style and the cupped-face mil-spec style primer seating punches.
Heaviest built frame in the industry, made of high strength ductile iron and high strength carbon steel.
Finished in zinc phosphate/ parkerized and black oxide.
Suitable for match grade ammunition as well as high volume production ammunition.
Average production rate of 450 rounds per hour for case preparation, and 300 rounds per hour loading.
Uses Industry standard 1 1/2"-12 UNF threaded dies.
No dies are included with the machine
Will also be available for other large calibers.

Here is a youtube video showing the Dillon BFR loader


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