• XL750/ XL650 Strong Mount
  • XL750/ XL650 Strong Mount

XL750/ XL650 Strong Mount

Stock Number: 22052
Increase the stability of your reloading bench with Dillon's new Strong Mounts. These heavy gauge steel Strong Mounts increase the machine's "foot-print" to over 10", spreading the load over the bench instead of stressing the leading edge.
Strong Mounts raise your machine 6" to 8", providing a comfortable work height for people who prefer to stand while reloading. For some XL 750 and XL 650 owners, overhead clearance can become a problem, so we designed a mount especially for this application. The XL 750/650 only mount raises the machine 6 3/4" above the bench top.
All mounts come with all the fasteners necessary to mount your machine  and is coated with a durable black wrinkle finish.