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XL750 cube dimension

I’m a first time Dillon owner. My new xl750 is going to be delivered soon and I need some advice about the overall cube dimension of the press with the case feeder. I have a rather tall workbench with a large shelf above it that may impede my installation. I know the press with case feeder is 38-1/2” tall but how far back do I need the38-1/2” clearance behind the press to clear my shelf. I’m thinking I may need to shorten my bench but I’m rather tall and like a high bench. Any information is greatly appreciated.
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RE: XL750 cube dimension


My setup is about 19-20 inches deep. It will depend on how you mount the press in relation to the front of your bench. I'm using a strong mount.

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RE: XL750 cube dimension

Hi there. I am interested in purchasing this model reloader. You mention the press with case feeder is 38-1/2” tall. Does that include the height if you have the optional stand attached also? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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RE: XL750 cube dimension

The XL750-only strong mount adds 6 3/4" to the height. The RL550/XL750 mount is taller, adds 8 3/4" to the height