• XL 750 & XL 650 E-Z Change Kits
  • XL 750 & XL 650 E-Z Change Kits

XL 750 & XL 650 E-Z Change Kits

Stock Number: 650EZ
You want to convert your XL650 to a different cartridge, but are unsure of what to order? We make it easy with the XL650 E-Z Change kit. This kit contains everything you need to convert your machine to a different cartridge, and leave your adjustments set up.
This kit includes:
Die set
Caliber Conversion Kit
Powder measure
Powder Die
Toolhead Stand

The handgun dies are carbide, the rifle dies are steel

If you have the optional electric case feeder, you might need a different case feed plate.
The appropriate case feed plates are as follows:
9x19mm Small Pistol, stock # 21073
223/5.56mm Small Rifle, stock #21074
45ACP Large Pistol, stock# 21072
38/357 Large Pistol, stock# 21072
40 S&W Large Pistol, stock# 21072

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