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  • XL 750 Reloader Package  9 mm & .223/5.56 mm
  • XL 750 Reloader Package  9 mm & .223/5.56 mm

XL 750 Reloader Package 9 mm & .223/5.56 mm

Stock Number: 9223XL650PKG
You've made the decision that reloading your own ammunition is right for you. You're ready to pull the trigger, but uncertain of exactly what you need. Dillon has taken the work out of this. We have assembled a New-Reloader Package, featuring our most popular reloader, the XL750, with the most popular machine options, along with the accessories you'll need to begin reloading immediately. This pack is available in 9mm, .223/5.56mm, or BOTH.

This package includes:
XL750 in 9mm
9mm Die Set
Bench Wrench
Small Pistol Casefeeder
650 Strong Mount
Bullet Tray Kit
Roller Handle
9mm Case Gage
D-Terminator Digital Scale
Primer Flip Tray
4 Small Primer Pickup Tubes
Digital Calipers
"The Complete Reloading Manual for the 9mm Luger"
.223/5.56mm Caliber Conversion Kit
Dillon Steel .223/5/56mm 3-die set
XL750 Quick Change
.223 Case Gage
Dillon Case Lube
Small Rifle Casefeed Plate
"The Complete Reloading Manual for the .223 Rem."