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Won't index

The indexer return spring (Part No. 13791) on my Dillon SL900 finally broke. I ordered a new one and installed it. The manual shows that one end hooks on the post hanging down from the ring indexer (13677) and bends around main shaft and the other end hooks on the post hanging down from the platform. OK, kind of tricky to hook the spring but got it done. But now the shellplate will not move or index properly when you pull the handle. The pawl underneath the shellplate looks like it moves properly when the shellplate is off. But when you put it back on the pawl does not engage and move the shellplate to the next position. I can't figure it out. Would greatly appreciate any help.

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RE: Won't index

First, be sure the vertical face of the pawl faces to the left, and has a spring underneath it.  Pull the shellplate off and check this, then cycle the handle. the pawl should move clockwise on the upstroke of the handle.