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Winchester AA

I am asking this for a buddy on another board. Any shotgun reloaders out there know?
"Does anybody know for sure it the new Winchester Super Target trap load are the same hulls as the AA's,, My lovely ahhhhhmmmmm bride just tossed 500 20ga AA cases in the garbage,,  
She gleefuly said I cleaned up that junk pile you call a loading bench................."
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RE: Winchester AA

I load may 10,000s of shotgun shells each year (three of us in my family shoot - www.blountshooting.com).  The Super Target hull is not a AA hull.  I say toss it and be safe.

The better place to answer this question would be from Hodgdon (www.hodgdon.com).  They are very responsive to e-mails about reloading data.  They are shotgun shooters too and understand what can and cannot be done with different loading components.  In their data you will NOT find the super target hull as the Winchester option.  So it clearly does not load the same as a AA hull.