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Very helpful



Was fortunate yesterday to take a tour of the Dillon Precision factory and meet the great people who make the equipment.

Got the chance to speak to many of them individually.


Lots of companies brag that it is their people who make the difference.

In many companies that is just a marketing slogan.

But at Dillon...  after talking with many of the Dillon people and seeing their operation I really believe it is true.


The great process y'all have where each machine is made by a single individual must be at least partially responsible for your great products and business longevity.


Guess you have to give the machine designs some credit too.


Thank you for all you have done for us shooters.










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RE: Very helpful

Dang I wish I could have gone through the plant maybe someday I'll get a chance. I would have an issue though I would want ohh lets say three more XL 650's and all the goodies. But all seriousness these guys get on the forum and give us real answers to our problems and how many company blog sites have you gone to and a employee gives you the answer to your problem or try's to help you with your issue? I can answer that none ever zilch. That's why when you get a Dillon it's been built by professionals that care about there product and they back it up!