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Using pistol casefeed cam for .223?

This is my first progressive press, still have lots to learn. I ordered the 750 setup for 223, and it came with the casefeed cam set in the "pistol" orientation. It feeds 223 beautifully. I also see youtubers using it this way. But on the rifle configuration, the cam does not feed cases properly at all.

I think I've read mostly through the entire manual, I've seen videos from Dillon in the troubleshooting section for setting up the cam. Not a single note on exceptions or anything like that. It's always R for rifle, P for pistol. Maybe I missed something.

I'm happy with how it's feeding, but I always want to know things are right and why, and not leave them wrong and tentatively working, just lying in wait to cause to other issues down the line.
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RE: Using pistol casefeed cam for .223?

Good eye, mate! I'm thinking that of course there would be a grey area where the two "settings" would overlap and either would work. Otherwise, there would be a black area where neither would work!