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uneven primer hole

I've been using a Lee universal decapping die, in it's own toolhead, to deprime cases. I then clean them in a tumbler with steel pins because I like how clean it leaves the primer pockets.

Lately I've noticed that the decapping pin is not exactly centered on the case. It knocks out the primer, but in doing so it opens another hole. Once finished, the primer hole looks a little like an "8", but with more overlap between the holes.

So. Two questions.

First, should I care? Will this affect pistol accuracy at 25-yards?

And, if I should care - can anyone help me approach fixing the problem? I swapped out the pin in my decapping die (figuring it had been bent) but that didn't change anything.

Thanks! I appreciate any help.
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RE: uneven primer hole

At 25 yards, this has zero affect on accuracy. To reduce this, try loosening the die lock rings on both the die and the decapping assembly. Run a case up into the die. With the case in the die, tighten all die lock rings.