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Too much case lube ?

If you were using RCBS case lube from their case lube pad and put too much lube on the case, you would get dented case shoulders from the too much lube when you sized the brass.

What happens when you get too much Dillon lube on your brass ?

Let's say that the proper amount of Dillon case lube for a given batch of brass was four squirts of lube, roll the brass around, then spray four more squirts, and wait.

But let's say that you accidentally sprayed six squirts before and after -- not four.

What will happen with the case shoulders from too much Dillon lube ?
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RE: Too much case lube ?

It is unlikely that a few more spritzes of case lube would cause shoulder dents. If somehow you managed to deposit a great excess of lube onto the shoulder, yes you would get dents.