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I processed my 30-06 cases now I'm ready to load. Dillon dies installed, Dillon powder measure set and charge weight checked, primer tube filled, seat the first bullet, adjust the Dillon taper seat die and now the shell plate won't advance because the bullet (147 grain FMJ) won't clear the crimp die.

It will clear the crimp die if I turn the die upward almost half an inch.

For giggles I tried my Dillon 308 taper crimp die. Works like a charm, because it is half an inch shorter than the 30-06 crimp die.

What am I doing wrong?
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RE: Surprise-surprise

Nothing, now. We use the 308 seat and crimp dies when we assemble 30-06 machines, and these dies are included in the 30-06 caliber conversion kit for the Super 1050.