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Support for outside USA

Hi Guys, complete Dillon newbie here and my first post so go easy on me.
I was given an old and incomplete Square Deal press set up for .45ACP that I'd like to get operational in 9mm to replace the red equipment I've used for years.
This press needs the usual conversion kit and sundry other bits that are missing or broken and looks like it will cost me several hundred Aussie dollars to refurbish.
I've emailed the Australian distributors with a list of parts - they advise they will get back to me in a week or so with a quote. A new SDB retails around A$500 here so it will be interesting to see if it is viable to refurbish.
I've read over and over again about the great service that Dillon provides for users in the USA including factory refurb at very reasonable cost, lifetime replacement of parts etc.
Posting home to the USA is not practical - it would be a nightmare in getting it back through customs.
What about us "across the pond"? What service and support does Dillon offer in Aussieland?
Cheers, Jim
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RE: Support for outside USA

We warranty worn out/broken parts regardless of country involved but we do charge shipping when we have to export the parts.

Missing parts or parts to change calibers are not a warranty issue, of course.  The best route for you there is to have the local dealers order any parts you need that are missing and/or needed to change calibers as they do large orders and are able to split the shipping/import charges on a larger order to reduce the effect on cost of any one item.