Super Vel 9mm +P 115 Gr SCHP Ammunition, 20 Round Box

Stock Number: 12881

No question, our +P loading of the 9mm Luger with a 115 gr. conventional jacketed hollow point is an excellent man-stopper and proven defensive load. However, when you take that same bullet weight and make it from solid copper with a pre-fluted nose to create a six-petal cutting edge, the performance is even better. The main difference is solid copper cannot separate the jacket and core— because there is no core! Bullets remain intact and penetrate deeper with greater expansion— exactly what you want in terminal ballistics. Solid copper is "barrier blind" as well, zipping through drywall, plywood, windshield glass, car doors and other obstacles far better than conventional bullets. The monolithic construction  greatly minimizes bullet deformation or break-up on intervening obstacles or thick, heavy clothing. The one negative is cost: copper is three to five times the price of lead.

Do not purchase this product if you are under the age of 21. Do not purchase this product if you are a "prohibited person" under state or federal law who is restricted from possessing firearms or ammunition. It is unlawful to ship handgun ammunition to the following states or districts:

Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Washington DC.