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Super Swage 600

I purchased the SS 600 since I have 5k of FC 223 brass. I followed all the directions for setup and the primers are very hard to seat whether I use a hand primer or the XL750. Just to confirm I also ran some once fired hornady brass through the machine and seating primers was no issue. I backed the case rod out in small increments, trying a case after each adjustment, until I finally reached the point were the case/case rod were extended so far out, they wouldn’t rotate down into the swager. Any idea what my issue is?
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RE: Super Swage 600

After I read your post, I took my 600 out and measured the gap between the support rod and the tip of the swage tool when both are fully engaged. My gap was .0105". I don't think your adjustment has to be set using a gauge but I wanted to give you an approximation. The nut on the case support rod can be kept finger tight while you adjust.
Also, and in an effort to save you some time--although it may not sound like it, I suggest you sort your brass by headstamp. In my experience most commercial brass needs no swaging. The only commercial brass I've needed to swage primer pockets are Federal (marked "FC" on the case head). My Hornady, Remington and Winchester need no swaging at all. But there are other companies making brass now and thus my thought is, separate and then try a representative example. IF your brass are all once fired that should help. If they are range pick up, then it is very possible that some brands of brass will need swaging, but because some of the pieces you have may have been reloaded before, this may already have been done.
The 600 is a great tool and a drastic improvement over the other methods I've tried.
I know many of the reloaders might find this unnecessary, but my caution lies in what I hope is the temporary condition where primers are selling for over a hundred dollars a thousand.
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