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Super Swage 600 Problems

Received my new SS600 to remove the crimp on some LC brass. After setting up the 600 and swaging the brass I'm getting about 25% or more of the primers still not seating easily on my XL650. Ran the brass through the swage process a second time, with the same results.
*I've adjusted the rod down as far as possible on the SS600.
*I've adjusted the shell plate on the XL650, to remove any play in the brass.
I was expecting better results with all the good reviews on the 600.
What am I doing wrong?
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RE: Super Swage 600 Problems

It is hard to tell what is wrong without pictures of the brass. IE: Need to eliminate the brass first before assuming a loader setup issue.

Take a counter sink and lightly hand cut/remove the mil crimp of a problem brass piece. Then see if problem persists. If there are still issues, then it is more likely a loader setup issue and not the brass.

How about making a youtube video and posting a link? You can show the base of the brass and then the priming step/setup. You did not state which loader you are using, so it is hard to guess what might be an issue with the loader setup (if one).
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RE: Super Swage 600 Problems

I agree that pictures would be very helpful. Post a picture of 3 cases before and after swaging. Also, I am a little concerned by your statement "I've adjusted the rod down as far as possible on the SS600". Seems like you could damage the brass to the point of deformity. All you want to do is round the edges of the primer pocket and take the crimp out.

I'm going to guess you're loading on a XL650....because of the way you said "XL650" twice. :) I don't have one (yet), just a couple 550s, but someone else can help with that end of it, I'm sure.

If the swage is being performed correctly, you almost certainly have a press issue.

What brand primers are you using?