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Small priming good, large priming no good at all

So, I’ve read plenty on this forum hoping to find a fix but have not had any luck so far.

My 750 is not dropping large primers into the cup, my small priming system works perfectly though.

I have checked alignment of cup to magazine and is good, have checked height of primer cup and is good, primer retainer operation is good. If I place pressure on the primer follower rod I can get a primer into the cup but needs reasonable pressure.

I’ve tried:
- New red tip on primer magazine
- New primer cup
- New primer punch
- New primer magazine
- New primer slide arm

Machine worked flawlessly for maybe 2000 rounds, started to play up every now and again but has become unusable now on large primers. As stated, it works perfectly with small primer setup.

I can’t work it out, looking forward ideas?