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SL900 Don't do it!!!!!

In the early 80's I started out with a Mec press. It made nice shells, but it was clunky and noisy and I just never warmed up to it. I then purchased a Ponsness Warren. I felt like I was throwing the main switch on a nuclear power plant with every stroke, its inconsistency with different hulls drove me to the brink. I have tried friends presses ie: 366's and rcbs grands. I looked over at my trusty rl450 and thought, What am I doing? So I ordered the SL900. It came in and I had it assembled in about 45 min, looked it over to figure it out. (as a toolmaker I'm pretty handy with automation) and started to load. It's been a month or so now and I haven't left the house except to buy more supplies, my retirement account has dwindled down to buy them. Had to move the furniture out to make room for the loaded shells and I think my wife left me (Haven't seen her in a few days, gonna miss her). Now in order to maintain the layer of shot and powder on my bench that I am accustom too I need to manually dump a shell before the crimp or just pour it right from the bag. All in all I love this press and you will have to pull it from my cold dead hands.

  • Extremely easy lever pull
  • Very quiet and smooth
  • Consistent loads
  • No powder or shot mess
  • Excellent warranty
  • Fastest re-loader I've used (8 mins/100)


  • Will break up marriage
  • Depletes retirement account
  • The need to find a reloading supplier that delivers.

Once again Dillon proves it's prowess in engineering and design, Thanks Dillon!!

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RE: SL900 Don't do it!!!!!

Based on the title, I thought you were unhappy with the press... But then I continued reading :-) I've had mine now for 3 years and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The videos we did I think convey that same feeling. 8 min / 100 shells? That's slow. :-) I can run 6 min going at a nice consistent pace..but that doesn't count boxing which does take a couple minutes.

I'm still happily married...but my wife likes to shoot too!