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Shell Plate Issue

My shell plate does not rotate when I activate the handle (pull and release). I'm sure its something simple and obvious.....but I can't figure out why.

Any suggestions as to what I should look at?
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RE: Shell Plate Issue

Several items can cause this:
Are all the cases out of the machine? If not one could be part slide out and hanging on the locator buttons. Slide them back into the shell plate.
The shellplate bolt has tightened up preventing plate from rotation. Pull the handle down about 1/3 of the way. There are excellent pictures in the manual, available online, on page 9 that show the shellplate bolt and set screw. Lossen the set screw, back off the shellplate, tighten the set screw. See the bottom of page 7 for adjustment instructions. The figures help a lot ...

Place the index sprocket on top of the shellplate (making
sure the locator posts go into the corresponding holes in the
shellplate, see Fig. 7).
Next, insert the shellplate bolt through the sprocket and
plate and into the center hole of the platform, Fig. 8. Tighten
with the supplied Allen wrench to the point where you are
unable to turn the sprocket by hand. Now, back off the bolt
slightly, allowing you to push the sprocket easily with your
thumb, Fig. 9. There should be no looseness or slop at this
point and when you rotate the plate, you should be able to
feel and hear the index ball “click” into place under the