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Newbie looking for some direction. Considering the >20 week backorder - I really need to order the right items the first round.

Intended setup: RL1100, setup with a bullet feeder and powder check, and I was going to order the Dillon carbides. Dedicated heads set for 9, 45, 223 - each with their own drop and powder check, and I want to load all with the bullet feeder and powder check.

My question is on the dies and if the dillon carbide 3 die set is what I need - or if I need a different final seat/crimp.

Station 1 - Case load
Station 2 - Decap
Station 3 - Expander
Station 4 - Priming
Station 5 - Powder
Station 6 - Powder check
Station 7 - Bullet feeder
Station 8 - Seat & crimp have to be the same die in the final station / 8 correct?

Will the dillon carbide 3 die set in each of the calibers I am doing work in this manner?

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RE: Setup

Unfortunately, I am a newbie also having just received a no caliber RL1100 a week ago. Your setup at the 8 stations is what I am currently using and it works fine.