Caliber Conversion Kits |SL900

Dillon Precision caliber conversion kits allow you to adapt your machine from one caliber to another in minutes.  They are a great way to maximize machine use when reloading multiple calibers.   Caliber conversion kits vary by machine type, and include various parts for each machine to quickly change calibers.  Please see the tabs below for specifics about each machine type.

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Caliber Conversion Kits |SL900
Caliber Conversion Kits |SL900

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    SL900 caliber conversion kits are available for all three common shotshell sizes.


    • A complete toolhead assembly with dies installed.
    • Station 1, collet sizer & depriming pin assembly.
    • Station 2, powder die with funnel and retaining clip.
    • Station 3, complete shot dispenser assembly with shot bar and shot drop tube.
    • Station 4, starter crimp star/radius form insert.
    • Station 5, new spring/over floating taper crimp die.
      • A Conversion Kit box containing:1 shellplate
      • 3 locator buttons w/ rings & springs
      • 1 station 2 locator insert
      • 2 wad guides (1 is a spare)
      • 1 casefeed sleeve assembly.

    For 12 gauge shot loads lighter than 1 oz, order the 1/2-1 oz shot bar in the add-on options panel.

    Common Conversion Charts For All Machines

        WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

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