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RT 1200 Fail

I purchased an "as new" RT 1200 off ebay. The first time I used it there was a flash and bang and I lost power in the room. Examining the machine I found the green wire connected to the ground pin of the power plug and the mounting screw of the rectifier. The green wire of the motor cable was connected to the rectifier mounting screw as well. This green wire should have been connected to the center conductor of the motor connector but was instead exchanged with the white wire. This caused the motor to be powered by half wave current and applied half wave current to the motor case. This is presumably why the previous owner sold it on ebay. After an hour and a half of investigating and fixing the trimmer now functions correctly. Unfortunately, the receptacle is still dead. There is evidently a GFCI somewhere, I know not where, maybe in the garage behind some shelves. The receptacle is dead and I have already spent a couple of hours trying to find the problem with dimming hopes of correcting it. This loss of power in my reloading room is a serious inconvenience to say the least. Anyway I just wanted to say "Way to go Dillon!" Assemble an electrical device wrong and dangerously so, don't test the ground continuity and sent it out to some unsuspecting sucker i.e. me. The good news is I wasn't killed, I suppose I should be thankful of that.
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RE: RT 1200 Fail

You bought it off eBay, right? How do you know Dillon assembled it that way? Did you stop to think maybe the seller did it? "As new" is as much a guarantee as, "The check is in the mail."....you don't know what that seller did to the RT1200 he bought, and then sold to you. It's unfair to accuse Dillon of doing something like that, unless there have been other documented cases of factory-new RT1200 trimmers having the same problem.
RT1200s will not work on GFI outlets, maybe the seller tried to make a workaround for that and created a dangerous situation. I wouldn't go blaming Dillon without knowing everything that the seller did to this piece of equipment.
As always, when you buy off eBay, remember "Caveat Emptor".