RL550C - Without a Caliber Conversion Kit
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RL550C - Without a Caliber Conversion Kit

Stock Number: 14261
Dillon Roller Handle (Stock #17950) Dillon's accessory handle gives your reloader an entirely new "feel." 
A roller handle reduces operator fatigue during long reloading sessions and makes primer seating easier.

Dillon RL550/XK650 Strong Mount (Stock#22051) - If your bench is either too low for comfortable use, or you need to access drawers underneath, the strong mount elevates the entire machine above your bench top. Raises height of the RL 550 to 29 1/2".

Dillon Aluminum Bullet Tray (Stock#22214) - The bullet tray elevates the bullets to the level of the shellplate for easier reach. The bullet tray is only usable with the strong mount.

Empty Case Bin and Bracket (Stock#11185) - Attaches to the Strong Mount, elevates empty cases to the level of the shellplate for easier reach.

Dillon Low Powder Sensor (Stock#16306) - Provides an audible and visual reminder when it's time to refill your powder reservoir. When the powder level drops to about 1000 grains, a buzzer will sound and a bright LED will light.

Dillon Extra Small Powder Bar (Stock#20780) - The Extra Small Powder Bar throws charge weights down to about .5 grain.

Dillon Magnum Powder Bar (Stock#21353) - The Magnum Powder Bar throws charges up to 73 grains of extruded and 82 grains of ball/spherical powder.

Dillon Belted Magnum Powder System (Stock#97126)
- The Belted Magnum Powder System throws charges from 70 to over 100 grains of powder.  The oversized powder die needed for calibers too large in diameter to fit in the standard powder die is included.

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