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RL1100 with RT1500 trimmer

Hey Guys,

First time posting here, but I've read quite a few. I've been using a 550B for about 6 years. I just upgraded to the RL1100 and an RT1500.

The intent of upgrading to the RL1100 was to speed things up and minimize processing time. Hence the RT1500.

Is there any reason I cannot put the RT1500 trim die on the RL1100 in the spot where the case holder holds the brass while the primer pocket is being swaged?

From what I gather, it seems possible. I know lots of people like to re-tumble their brass after sizing/depriming and trimming, but that's not something I'm concerned about. I've never had issues with it in the past.

I also understand that the trim/size die makes the mouth perfectly flat on top and may make seating the bullet more difficult if it has a flat base. That is easily countered with a BT bullet, and I am using Mr. Bullet Feeder.

Right now I am trimming on my 550B and using the RL1100 as it came set up from the factory for .223 (with the addition of a Mr. Bullet Feeder). It's worked great for the first few hundred rounds. I just want to make it more efficient and not have to run two presses (if possible). Thanks in advance for the help/advice. I'm just trying to make sure I don't do anything crazy or unsafe with the new machine.