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Replacement of the index pawl

Possibly a stupid question, but anyway ) I’m trying to replace the 1050 index pawl (part #13705), but cannot take the pin out that holds the index pawl in place. Please check the picture attached.

I tried to push it out using a punch and a mallet with no luck. Is it on Loctite or supposed to be pushed out from a specific side?

Thanks a lot as usual!
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RE: Replacement of the index pawl

This pin is installed using a bench mounted press. No Loctite is used.  If you use a vise and back up the lever on one side with a hollow object so the pin can be pushed flush on one side of the lever, it will be much easier to move it the rest of the way using a punch.
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RE: Replacement of the index pawl

I had the same problem trying to remove the rediculously tight pin holding the indexing pawl. solved the problem by ordering an undersized 3/32-3/8" pin from McMaster-Carr PN- 98105A081. Pin slid in trough one side of the arm and also trough pawl, Had nice tight fit on other side of arm. Perfect!