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Replace Spent Primer Track Cover

I allowed my spent primer cup to fill up and back up in the shoot. Long story short, I ended up breaking my " Spent Primer Track Cover", part number 13479.

Anyone ever replace one of these or have an idea how difficult it would be?

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RE: Replace Spent Primer Track Cover

Easy to replace, but there are a couple of steps to dropping the shaft.
First, remove the primer feed from the front of the machine. Next, remove the indexing bolt from the back of the frame. This bolt is located about one inch below the mounting flange that bolts to the bench, so if your machine is not on a strongmount, you must detach the machine from your bench to access this bolt. Once it is removed, detach both link arms. Now the shaft can slide out of the bottom of the frame.
Assemble in the reverse, with the caveat that the shaft must be all the way up into the frame in order to reinstall the indexing bolt. So attach the link arms, then pull the handle down. Regrease the smooth shank of this bolt while you have it out.