• Redding Match-Grade Model 3 BR Measure
  • Redding Match-Grade Model 3 BR Measure

Redding Match-Grade Model 3 BR Measure

Stock Number: 10121
If you use long grain extruded powder the Dillon Precision recommends our Powder Measure Adapter along with the Redding Match Grade Model 3BR Powder Measure.  With the time proven accuracy and reliability of the original Model 3 Powder Measure the Model 3BR Powder Measure utilizes all of the features of the original Model 3 and to that Redding added the conversion features that Benchrest shooters were looking for.

To create exceptional uniformity from charge to charge Redding has placed an adjustable powder baffle above the metering chamber.  This maintains a constant amount of powder above the metering chamber regardless of the level of powder in the reservoir.

When the micrometer adjustment lock screw (opposite side) is loosened to change settings, the micrometer body cannot move, since the micrometer is held in place by a separate lock screw.  In a measure this precise, there is no room for error and nothing can be left to chance.

A special mechanism is used inside all Match-Grade and Competition Micrometers to eliminate backlash and take up all the minute tolerances in the screw threads. The parts can’t work loose and are fully self-adjusting. It will even compensate for wear in the years to come. Your setting is guaranteed to be precise and exactly repeatable.
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