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Redding 3 die set for 45-70

Dillon doesn’t make dies for 45-70 but sells a Redding three die set for that caliber. I saw a thread somewhere else about problems with using these dies so I thought I’d explain how I set them up. Hopefully, this will help someone else.

I reload with a DL550B and bought the REDDING COMPLETE THREE-DIE SETS - SIZE, BELL, SEAT Stock Number: rctdssbs for 45-70, stock# 12700. I also bought the caliber conversion kit and a powder die. The first two positions were straight forward:

POSITION#1: decapping/sizing die.

Position#2: I replaced the Redding expander die with a Dillon powder die with funnel/belling from the caliber conversion kit. I set aside the Redding expander die thinking I wouldn’t be using it.

The seating/crimping die was for position three. I got the seating part of the die adjusted okay but I couldn’t get the crimp part adjusted properly. I called Dillon and asked for advice. I don’t remember the gentleman’s name but he gets all the credit for how the problem was solved:

POSITION#3: I took the stem out of the expander die, setting it aside, and replaced it with the stem from the seating/crimping die and only used the die for seating.

POSITION#4: Crimp die with its stem removed was used only for crimping.

Back to 4 dies in my 550 as usual and the three Redding dies now worked like three Dillon dies would have worked had been any available.
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RE: Redding 3 die set for 45-70

I know it is and old post, but still mighty helpful.


.45/70 is also of interest for me in loading on my 550C. Thanks for the info.