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Questions from a newbie

Hello to all!  I am an experienced reloader, but have always loaded single stage with a RCBS Rockchucker (still do!)  Because I am shooting more and more 45 ACP, I decided after much research to order a Square Deal B in 45. Both of my sons also recently got 45 autos, so I see more reloading in my future.  But, I have a couple questions......

How long does it take Dillon to ship after the order is placed?  Just wondering because I have some travel coming up in a couple weeks.

On the SDB, it says dies comes factory adjusted ready to load. I am used to adjusting the dies based on the bullet I am loading. So I am curious as to how they are adjusted. I usually only load/shoot 230 grain round nose, both lead and jacketed. Will it require much tuning upon receipt?? 

Please feel free to share any tips, and bits of knowledge I need to know also. I sure would appreciate it. I have heard so much about Dillon, I am anxious to try it out.

Thanks for your help

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RE: Questions from a newbie

We typically ship phone orders within 2 business days of placement. Web orders might take one additional day to process.