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Priming System

Before I start, I'm only detailing my experience here as opposed to detailing problems.

During regular cleaning of my 750 primer area and after a very odd flipped primer, I performed the single primer drop test and flashlight test and discovered the primer cup was over-traveling a bit. Enough to easily see visually during the Flash Light test. The cause was, the Primer Slide Stop Screw (small grub screw, not the one with lock nut) was not performing it's job. In fact, the screw was not protruding inside the priming main body and thus was unable to contact the Primer Cup. Adjustment was difficult because the threads in the primer housing didn't seem to be cut full depth. Luckily after some gentle coaxing, I was able to adjust the screw. Now the Primer Cup passes the Flash Light test 100%. The Manual says on page 43 that a small Primer Cup over travel, to rear, is acceptable then on page 49 says Primer Cup must be directly under the primer tube/tip. As they say, "the proof of the pie is in the eating", so next time I load I will be interested to see if I see any more primer issues.

The 750 User Manual has lots of good trouble shooting hints.

I like the 750 and prefer it to 550 and 650 models, both of which I have owned.