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Primer test FAIL

The XL 750 instructions discuss looking down the primer tube using a flashlight down by the slide to make sure the Primer cup lines up with the tube when the handle is full down. It mentions a little over-travel is permissible. There is an adjustment set screw that can be turned in or out to improve the alignment. Easy enough and I think I’m spot on with the cup in perfect alignment. It’s like seeing a circle within a circle.
Then the instructions say to insert the primer magazine tube and perform a function test using 1 primer and run the handle. Three Successful tests and the priming is good to go.

Here’s my problem. I’ve just switched the priming bar from small to large primers for the first time. Everything in the system has been cleaned and I did not use any lube per instructions. I’ve switched the magazine tube from blue tip (small) to the red tip (large). It’s properly seated in the key notch and it’s not damaged or burred. It’s new and never been used before. The primer will not drop into the primer cup on the bar! I’ve tweaked the set screw in both directions on multiple attempts and primer test fails every time. Prior to this the machine has produced approximately 5K rounds of ammo using the small primer bar.
I will call tech support tomorrow but thought I’d ask the forum.