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Primer seating feedback

I bought a Dillon 550c earlier this year and have probably pressed a few thousand rounds through it. I used to feel a little feedback from the lowering arm when I pushed it forward to seat the primer, but now I don’t feel anything—it just seats smoothly. Is something wrong or did it just take a few thousand rounds to break in? Should the primer seating feel completely smooth? Thanks in advance.

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RE: Primer seating feedback

I noticed my 550C now does that too. But I also have a recent post concerning overtravel of the roller arm hitting the cartridge bin. I am unsure what's up with that. I think that as you tend to do more rounds any little "rubbing" that you may have had when the primer cup goes in to the shell plate platform slowly gets worked down (break in) I got Dillon to send me an alignment tool for setting up the shell plate in reference to the primer cup. It looks like a small powder funnel die and goes into station one where your full length die would normally go. Then you can make sure you don't get that small amount of misalignment with the shell plate platform and the primer cup when they meet to seat the primer. BUT....it looks like you don't need that advice because all is well, correct? Just make sure that your primers are indeed fitting tight like they should and not backing out after firing. That would indicate to me that perhaps the problem lies with out of round primer pockets or the like. What are you shooting? I have read (after buying 1,500 rounds of course) that Federal Gold Medal Match is a soft brass and that it losses it's primer pocket shape and tension easier than most other brass in .308 Win. Have you shot any of these rounds since the lack of felt resistance? Are they all in 1 caliber or differing calibers? Doesn't sound like such a bad problem actually :-)