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Primer Feed

Why do you not make upwards arm in 6691 longer ?
When platform goes up and 17639 and 17132 meets, 16691 is still mowing. There are plenty of broplems whit primer feed, many cases 16691 starts mowing away before primer has droped.
My question : Why 16691 does not stay under 17132 all time 17639 and 17132 are in contact, this would give primer moore time to drop.
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RE: Primer Feed

A pin protruding down from #16723, the primer feed body, aligns the primer transfer arm #16691 and the primer drop tube #17132. If the primer is dropping before these are lined up, then screw #17639 is too high. A dime should barely slide between the bottom of 17132 and the top of 16691.