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Primer feed

With blowing snow and temps below zero, it is time to work on the 550b. Both large and small Winchester primers fail to drop into the cup intermittently. Been reloading over a year, about 100 rounds per, and have had this occur but more so lately. Here is what I have done:
Used alcohol and green scotch pad on both primer bars & track bearing
Measured both cup height & were within range of 1.125 - 1.220
Operating rod is parallel to primer tube when rotated up
Operating rod bracket is within range of .002 - .004, tried different settings
Greased end of operating rod at bracket
Primer tubes are fully down
Primer housing tube screws are tight but not too, used t-square on bottom of housing bracket and side with screw holes is flat, side away from holes seems to have curved ends

All this and still a problem. Dillon was kind enough to replace rod but did not fix. I have tried to bend operating rod but as Dillon says should not need and is really harden metal. Any thoughts ?
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RE: Primer feed

Sticking primer slide:  a few more ideas.  I've had to address this issue on other presses also.  My specific focus is that the primer slide "sticks" in various places but mostly during the last 1/8" of being completely to the rear.

Issue #1: During the last 1/8" inch of travel the slide has to push against the primer feed stop spring #13979.  The operating rod has to push hard enough to overcome the extra spring.  Adjustment of the operating rod is important.

Issue #2: Steel against aluminum.  The steel primer slide naturally sticks against the aluminum primer housing #20263, especially if both are polished.  What is the right way to fix it?  Replace the primer housing?  What will allow the primer slide to move smoothly in the primer housing?

Thank You!
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