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ppq not reloading

I have setup my Reloader , but the shells wont fit in my 9MM Polymer Frame Walter q5 match. The problem is it either does not eject, or a primer strike occurs but no shot is fired. Please Help
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RE: ppq not reloading

Do cartridges that fail to ignite on the first firing pin strike ignite on a second strike? If yes, this means you are not seating the primers completely. The first firing pin strike finishes seating it, the second strike sets it off.
On failures to cycle the slide, this usually indicates the powder charge is too light. If you started with the starting load, experiment by increasing the charge weight slightly, load five rounds at that powder charge. Then increase the charge weight slightly, load five more. Do this for four or five charge weights, then test the ammunition to determine the minimum powder charge necessary to cycle the pistol.