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Powder system

I have two of the older version of SDBs and have been great for years and years.

I am thinking of replacing the powder system as the clear plastic tube is degenerating and is appear to have a few cracks on the plastic and I am afraid that when I handle it, the plastic is quite thin on some areas that a little pressure may just break it apart already.

A friend gave me his extra plastic tube but I soon realise that the older SDB powder funnel is not screw on unlike the new version ones.

My question is if I bought part 22273, can all the other parts on the old powder system be interchanged/ adopt to the new? In other words, rather than buying a whole powder system, as I am on a budget, I am wanting to see if I can just buy the parts needed (whatever they may be) for it to work?

I dont think I can return the powder funnel system to Dillon as I am overseas (New Zealand) for a replacement.
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RE: Powder system

You can easily glue the replacement tube in. First, rap the existing plastic tube against the edge of your bench to break it from your existing housing. If any bits remain glued in place, soak it in acetone for about 15 minutes to soften it, then scrape it away using a screwdriver.

To glue the new tube in place, use either a metal to plastic glue such as Loctite Black Max, or a quality epoxy. Apply two large drops of the glue inside the ring in the measure body, press the plastic tube in place, then twist the tube halfway around and back. This spreads the glue inside the ring. Secure the tube in place with tape overnight, and let it cure.