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Powder die and flare adjustment

I have a SDB setup for 9mm, all plates, buttons, etc. are correct. I noticed the instructions say that the powder bar should reach the end of its travel at the same time that the handle reaches the bottom of the stroke. If I do this, I get no case flare; if I lower the die 1/2 turn, still no case flare.

I had loaded ~100 cases, that shot fine, where I had adjusted the die down until I got just enough flare to set the bullet on, before I reread the paragraph about how the powder bar needed to be synched up to the handle stroke.

What are the potential issues if I have the die adjusted to give a slight flare but the handle travels down well after the powder bar has stopped moving?
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RE: Powder die and flare adjustment

The powder bar should reach full travel before the handle bottoms out, in order to flare the case mouth. The case mouth should be flared at least .010". You won't damage the measure.