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Powder being dispense on empty station

Just converted from 44 mag to 45 acp (have not reloaded in a long time just getting back into it 15-20 years) have an older machine. When i adjust station 2 to get the proper flare (just) it seems that the inner die sticks down to far so when station 2 has no shell the powder bar is moved slightly. Enough so to dispense a little powder. For the life of me i can't figure it out. Spent hours taking things apart making sure the correct dies are install and still nothing. Maybe you can help???

Thank you
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RE: Powder being dispense on empty station

It is normal for the powder funnel to contact the top of the shellplate and move the powder bar slightly when no case is underneath it. It should not move it enough to drop powder, however. Keep in mind that if any powder is adhering to the inside of the funnel sue to static, this will dislodge it. If you are seeing just a few flakes or granules of powder falls, static is the likely culprit.
To reduce static, cut a 1/2- 3/4" wide strip from a dryer sheet lengthwise, run it down the inside of the hopper tube until it touches the metal base, fold any excess over the top of the plastic hopper tube, and tape it in place. This will significantly reduce static.